We distinguish ourselves by only recommending buying stocks that have reached specific breakout pricing
levels that are based on historical pricing. We monitor basing stocks for breakouts on a continuous basis. We
publish a newsletter approximately once per month that highlights basing stocks and where to watch for these
breakouts to occur. Strategies for the stocks are outlined so you know when and where to take action so you
don't waste your time buying and waiting for the stock to move up or worse yet, hold on to a loser. In addition,
email alerts remind you when stocks have reached
Trigger Alerts and Sell Alerts. We periodically update
active recommendations and stocks you should still be watching and review stocks that you are interested in if
asked. Below is one example of one of our trades.
Trading Example
There are other examples of our recommended trades found by clicking the        icons or the symbol and
year label directly underneath each icon. While these are not all of our trades they are representative of
what can be achieved when you wait until a breakout occurs before buying. Naturally every trade that
breaks out does not achieve the results of the examples and some trades may result in a small loss;
however, most trades mature as depicted. All results will depend on the swiftness of your action in regards
to our recommendations.

Our theory is you should have money available to purchase stocks as they are beginning to move thereby
cutting down on the holding time and eliminating tying up money for extended breakout does not always
guarantee success but the few times it fails there is usually minimal damage. Approaching trading this way
certainly swings the odds in your favor by making more timely purchases and enjoying larger gains. Less
time waiting  and more time spent moving in a positive direction is what sets our service apart from the
others! If you read Ted Warren's book closely you will notice that he highlights where to buy a stock quite
often. Those points are breakout points during bases, consolidations, and downtrend reversal breakouts.
Join our service today and enjoy the satisfaction of more precise control over your account and less
agonizing over stocks that stay stagnant or continue to lose money.

Many traders make numerous mistakes that keep them from being successful. Feeling they have to Invest
all their money, selling too soon, holding too long, making decisions with little insight, tips from friends or
TV gurus, and numerous other mistakes often to subtle for the always the lack of internal discipline, money
management, and ability to admit when one is wrong that is at fault. There are no easy roads to riches and
this is certainly not one of them. Unless you are ready to be patient, keep money aside, and accept failure
as your partner in success than you should not waste your time with our service. We give and expect a
little more from ourselves and from you when it comes to being successful. It's time to change the face of
your trading.
It's time to join Ted Warren Trading!
TWT Picks
TWT Picks
Results will vary from stock to stock and while the stocks that appear on this page are actual
examples is to show how timing can be used to your advantage; however, every breakout does
not behave exactly the same. Every trade carries with it the risk of losing your entire investment.
Market Watch Alert with a buy price of $6.00. The day it reached $6.00 a Trigger Alert email was sent
to our customers. In February 2007 a
Take Off Alert was sent signaling to customers that the time to
buy this stock was running short. A 200% rise in 3 months and failure near the previous high created
an immediate
Sell Alert at $25.00. All of our recommendations follow the a similar format for
identifying possible stocks, entry levels and selling levels.
SIFCO Industries Inc
MARKET WATCH ALERT- Puts the stock on your radar with a specific buying price.
TRIGGER ALERT- The specific buying price.
SELL ALERT- The price you should sell at and close the trade.
TWT Picks
TWT Picks
TWT Picks
TWT Picks
TWT Picks
TWT Picks
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Take Control Trading
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Disclaimer: Trading in Stocks or futures at any level is extremely risky. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any investment in futures carries the
risk of losing more than your initial investment.  The information presented on this website is for entertainment purposes only and should not be regarded as
actual recommendations to buy or sell trading instruments of any type. Any trading decisions should be made with the assistance of a registered investment
professional. All investment decisions are ultimately your own and Ted Warren Trading assumes no responsibility for any individual trading decisions.
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More Examples of Best Performing Stocks
In any given year the average number of stock considerations is about 15
Most stocks from the current year or so are not revealed
as a courtesy to current subscribers.